Musings for Today

So today was a day that Little Bear seriously did not want to wake up and get moving this morning. I had a feeling it was going to be a bad day. It wasn’t until about 1:30pm that I get the phone call from the school requesting that I go pick him up. Today he felt the need to bolt from the classroom and try to leave the school. Somehow I feel having me to pick him up rather than them dealing with it themselves only reinforces the behavior. Continue reading

Romancing the Thorn

The Chaos Pen

“And then the mighty Paladin in his bright white shiny-whiny armor sweeps the beautiful maiden into his arms,” said the Fleuryn with silver hair. Soulful gray eyes sparkled in the morning light as his arms swung wide to either side of his plump, child-like body. Pale cheeks flushed with excitement. His spectacles slid down his browned nose. “He looks deep into her brown eyes and says -”

“Hold it there, Toadster,” Rhae said, her tail swishing sharply, “Since when was any female so helpless? And aren’t Paladins too busy defending the people against the beastmen hordes?”

Rhae sat on the dock, holding her fishing pole. Her long legs hung down to let her toes linger in the salt water. The breeze caressed her ruby hair and bronze skin. It rippled through her sleeveless shirt and carried the scent of the ocean and lemongrass. The morning was perfect, but it was…

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