Toad’s Weekly Assessment #45

Originally I had planned to keep my template for this private and just renew the update on it. It was marked as a sticky for me so I could just easily click the “Copy” button and run. Some reason today when I went to do so, I found that it had meandered down my postings. I thought I fixed it, but then I realized I made it public and people were looking at it. So… my template for this mood tracker has been added to the “Tool Kit” category.

Feel free to use it in whatever way is helpful to you. The numeric scales I use are not clinical scales. I made them up. In fact I know the pain scale run from 0 to 9 here in the states, but for me that many numbers on a spectrum scale like that loses meaning.

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The Sucking of It All in Life Right Now

I feel like crap. Have been for the last few days – kind of like the flu type deal, but I know that isn’t what it is. I’ve had no energy and by afternoon I feel pretty dead. It sucks.

And just when I think things can’t suck anymore than they already do, I get a phone call from the school telling me that Little Bear needs to stay home from school during the two field days coming up next week. Continue reading