Open Discussion About Nusquamton

I’m thinking about rebooting my Nusquamton/Chaos Pen series, but before I do that I would like feedback from anyone that has read the old series first.

The Chaos Pen

I’m thinking that putting the Nusquamton Series on hold while revising my novel was a mistake. The first revision – especially where this is my first time with this – is a slow process. I have no idea what I’m doing so I feel like I’m running blind with a pair of scissors here.

Every where I go for advice I’m running into  the “let the [damn thing] rest” between stages mantra. Which is all well and good if I have something to do while it does. So I thought I would dig up other works and return to the series. You know, just busy myself. I have one piece I’m excited about that I wrote in college I hope to be sharing soon that isn’t a series that is currently going through the critique process on Scribophile.

The first two episodes of Nusquamton is up on Scrib as well. Clarissa is…

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TGIF Chaos Rally #6

Been a rough week. At home, emotionally, mentally… and as a writer. This week ends on a note that makes me wonder how far down I’m sliding. I have to remind myself to keep going, keep moving, even if I just want to lay down and not wake up. I’m that tired right now. The weight of my life feels crushing. So I found this song “One Step At A Time” by Jordin Sparks because right now, that’s what I need to focus on. Continue reading

This Is The Modern Publishing Business

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Well this is concerning.

David Gaughran

asandfriendsnewScammers used to operate at the edges of the publishing business, but have wormed their way into its heart. And the entire industry is in denial.

An unintentionally revealing aspect of the tiresome Amazon-Hachette dispute was a series of statements from an organization purporting to advocate for authors’ rights. One of the heinous crimes Amazon was said to have committed was treating books like toasters.

With such a claim, Authors United was attempting to tap into a current of feeling about the commoditization of literature – as if Amazon was the first company to put a price tag on a book, and writers around the country were hitherto living off laurels and kudos. It’s tempting to suggest that other entities in the publishing business might be doing as well as Amazon if they also treated books like toasters and attempted to sell the bloody things, but I digress.

What this…

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Toad’s Weekly Assessment #34

It feels like it’s been a long ass, cold fucking week of snow. Feel free to read my sister’s rant about that over here which I echo the sentiment (edit: I forgot to add the link. it’s now there, sorry about that!). I just don’t go anywhere to work. Instead I stay home with three boys that have been generally crabby as of late. At least now I have a better idea why Little Bear has been such a pill. He has a med clinic appointment this coming week and I plan to go over options with them then. I’m thinking Continue reading